Design Many Robots Contest

Design a robot that you would want to see blown to smithereens in Shoot Many Robots! Submit it to our forums, and once submissions close, we’ll choose the best designs for you to vote on. The winning design will appear in-game in the first expansion pack. Winner also gets some sweet swag, and a free trip to Boston to visit the studio and help us make your robot come to life.

Check out the concepts below of some of the robots we already have in the game for inspiration.

Design. Submit. Vote. Download.
Check out the Design Many Robots page for more details.

Design Many Robots Contest

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Mar 03 2011

Someone should submit a Zaku. raspberry


Mar 03 2011

Shame, the competition is only available to US residents. I was giddy for a moment :(

Jellyfish Opera

Mar 03 2011

I’m already working on some concepts as we speak, but I couldn’t help but notice is there a limit to how many we can submit?

I’m passionate about doing concept art so I’m taking that route. Drawing robots is a fancy of mine. I’d love to share concepts some time!

Justin Lokey

Mar 03 2011

@Benjamin: sorry… blame the lawyers! They made us do it!

@Jellyfish: yep! You can enter as many as you like. Although one strong submission stands a much better chance than 100 mediocre-bots.


Mar 04 2011

@Justin Lokey: Issn’t there really a possible way for someone out of the US to enter submission and have a possibility of winning?

Becoming a concept artist is my lifetime dream, 18 years old, and I live in The Netherlands. I was really excited for entering and giving a shot to win cause first of all, its great fun to design and whatno, plus it would look great in my portfolio and CV and stuff.

Really no way? :(



Mar 05 2011

Are you looking for minion-bots or boss-bots?

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