PAX Prime 2011

Shoot Many Robots was at PAX this year, and we brought along our buddy, the Fruit Fucker of Penny Arcade fame to show off the crazy gear Walter can equip in the game. When Jerry (aka Tycho, in the second picture) stopped by our booth during setup to check out the game, we surprised even him with how far we took the Fruit Fucker animations. Let’s just say that little robot *really* loves Walter’s skull. Oh, and he adds Penetration to your bullets.

We showed off our Survival mode, throwing four players into waves of robot hordes. If you had a chance to play the game, swag was awarded based on how many stars you earned - with new PAX Prime exclusive buttons! Demiurge had its own booth, but our newly-announced publisher Ubisoft also had three Shoot Many Robots stations in their digital games section, with the Frag Dolls showing off the game. This year, PAX attendees murdered over 120,000 robots!

The costumes were back, too, with Demiurge booth babes sporting tutus, fairy wings, beer helmets, and other crazy things that Walter can equip in the actual game (PS if you took a pic with me, “tutu dude”, you totally rock! Send me pics of that or your face in the standees on twitter! @ShootManyRobots).

A couple relevant highlights:

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Lead designer Josh walks Gamespot through the new features since we showed the game last at PAX East. Gamespot Walkthrough

IGN’s Daemon Hatfield lists us in top gameplay videos from PAX. IGN

Game Informer shot so many robots with us. Game Informer

PAX Prime 2011

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