Design Many Robots

Design. Submit. Vote. Download.
Design a robot, submit it on our forums, we’ll choose the best designs, you vote on the finalists, and the winning design will be featured in-game in the first expansion pack to Shoot Many Robots! The winner will get some sweet swag and a free trip to Boston to help us make their robot come to life!


All you need to do is sketch, paint, build, or otherwise render a robot that you think would fit into the Shoot Many Robots world. Then, give a brief description of the robot’s personality, its main attack, and anything else you think would help us understand how it will behave. To enter the contest, just post your design submission to our Design Many Robots forums.

Submit your robot designs HERE.

Submission deadline is April 4, 2011

Contest Rules

Please read the Contest Rules before you submit your design. They can be found HERE.