Soundtrack Released!

The official soundtrack for Shoot Many Robots is finally here! It’s 16 tracks of gritty blues that’s the perfect accompaniment to murdering robots in-game AND real life!

Download it on Bandcamp for $5: Shoot Many Robots OST

One of the defining characteristics of Shoot Many Robots is the music. It helps enhance the intense moments, as well as sets the tone for the game’s world. We went back and forth for a while what music fit the game best, and when the talented folks at Additive composed an original track for the teaser trailer, we knew we had found it. Drawing inspiration from artists like The Black Keys and The White Stripes, we wanted something simple, gritty, and not heard often in games: something we call “Slutty Blues.”

Enter Rich Vreeland. Rich was busy balancing tons of indie game soundtracks, including the critically-acclaimed soundtrack for Fez, as well as his own artistic venture as chiptune musician, Disasterpeace. He assembled a band for the Shoot Many Robots music, and thus Disasterpeace and the Bot Stompers was born!

Soundtrack Released!

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