NY Comic Con

Our first Comic Con was wicked fun! Amidst the cosplay and comics, we were there doin’ what we do best: shooting robots.

Inside Ubisoft’s Digital Download section with some 4-player survival mode. We challenged the masses to beat all five waves of survival mode, and not a single group succeeded! Which is sad, because we had some pretty neat tshirts to give away to champions. There were some who came close, but apparently ramping up the difficulty for this demo proved to be too much to handle. Or maybe it was Just Right?

There were so many sights to see - Long Cat was looooong, Star Wars kids were cute, and Nerd Queen Felicia Day was patiently fending off the masses. Oh, and New York is just a generally awesome place to visit. For the uninformed (i.e. present party) do not eat the barely-cooked chicken kabobs outside Javits Convention Center. They taste like ash (pun intended) and all proceeding times you walk by a gyro truck (every ten feet in NYC) you will be reminded of that horrid experience.

Once again, it was so awesome showing people our game and watching them get excited about it. Makes all that hard work worth it, a thousand-fold.

New robots, gear, and environments shown off in this video walkthrough of Steel Town! (via GameTrailers)

NY Comic Con

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