PAX East 2012

Another PAX East has come and gone in our hometown, Boston. Shoot Many Robots launched on PC during the first day of the show, and we had stations ready to show it off and all of its 60fps goodness. Meanwhile, we had stations for the console version with a special PAX-exclusive build featuring twin-stick controls!

It was really interesting to see people’s reactions to the twin-stick setup. There was a significant portion of people who preferred this alternate control scheme, but there was also a sizable set of people who stuck to their guns and stood by the original controls. We didn’t have an official tally, but the verdict seemed to show polarized opinions, with gamers on both sides rallying just as loudly for their preferred control scheme.

You could also buy tshirts at our store! By the way, we have a Store!! (Also available by clicking the link at the top of the page). We gave away a metric f-ton of loot code cards - anyone redeem them yet?!

PAX East 2012

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Apr 12 2012

I hope everyone can be made happy by offering both control schemes. Thanks for making this great game.


Apr 12 2012

Like I said at PAX… I don’t mind the other control scheme, as long as the a button is jump.  But I had fun, and I love this game!


May 04 2012

У автора очень приятный слог


May 12 2012

is there going to be dlc for this game

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