The Birth of Shoot Many Robots

We get asked pretty often, “Where did the idea for Shoot Many Robots come from?”

At Demiurge, we have an internal pitch process where anyone who works here can pitch their game idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re the receptionist, a seasoned engineer, or an animator - if you have a great idea, we want to hear it! Starting with a one-sheet document, it goes through peer reviews that eventually lead to a company-wide pitch. This is exactly how Shoot Many Robots was born.

Dan Chretien, a junior designer at the time, pitched the game out of a love of classic Run-n-Gun shooters like Metal Slug and Contra, but with the desire to modernize the experience. He called it Shoot Many Robots, a title that was supposed to be placeholder, but we loved it too much to change it. The game has certainly changed a lot since inception, but it has always remained true to its title.

The Birth of Shoot Many Robots

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Feb 07 2012

I got real excited for this game. But then I saw the Ubisoft logo.
Then I realized you guys chose the worst possible publisher. Expect DRM shoved down your throats, expect people (rightfully) boycotting you because you chose to do business with a bunch of soulless garbage.

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