Ubisoft Publishing Shoot Many Robots

Ubisoft and Demiurge have joined forces to bring Shoot Many Robots to PlayStation Network,  Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PC in 2012. That’s right: we just announced platforms! Alongside this announcement, we have a new trailer that shows what P. Walter Tugnut is up against, and some new screens!

Also, we’ll be at PAX 2011 in Seattle, August 26-28 with a new demo, new swag, and some other new announcements! See you there!

Ubisoft Publishing Shoot Many Robots

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Aug 22 2011

I have never been so excited about a game! I hope you guys release some Shot Many Robots merch…


Aug 22 2011

Yeah PC! Won’t have to get a new console yet! Suck it consoles, PC forever!

Matthew Darling

Aug 22 2011

Small Robot, Big Robot Suit - amazing!


Aug 23 2011

Oh, great, one more game delivered with always on DRM.

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