Hello, world!

Is this thing on? Hello world! My name is Al Reed, co-founder and studio director here at Demiurge Studios in Cambridge, MA.  For those of you unfamiliar with us, we’ve been making games here for quite a long time now, since 2002 to be more precise. 

Over the years we’ve had an amazing time helping to craft and shape some of our favorite franchises with many of our closest friends and colleagues across the entire gaming industry.

From helping the team at Gearbox put some new features in Borderlands, to working with the team at Bioware in building new content for Mass Effect and bringing the game to an all new audience on PC, to more recently working with our fellow Boston-area developers at Harmonix on Green Day: Rock Band – we’ve been nothing but thrilled to have the opportunity to work with great people on these franchises to offer our experience and expertise wherever we can, and whenever we can. 

While we cherish and welcome the opportunity to continue working with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry on projects like these, we’ve also known for quite some time that we were ready to finally build a project that we could truly call our own.

What is it, you ask? Well, if the website URL and the logo up above are any indication, then I think the secret has finally been revealed! :]

“Shoot Many Robots” is our first entirely original game.  It’s coming next year. It’s going to be downloadable. It’s going to punch you in the face with everything we love about playing games, and everything we love about making them for you.

I can’t say too much more than that for now, but I can ask that you kindly sit tight while we get ready to give you a first taste (or should I say ‘tease’) of the kind of world we’re creating.

I thank you again for swinging by, but hang in there for just a moment as we prepare the next transmission…


Hello, world!

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Steven Hambleton

Feb 28 2011

Hi Al smile

Really looking forward to seeing what this is all about. Don’t forget us Mac gamers too!

Martin Gorrochategui

Feb 28 2011

Sounds awesome. Why didn’t anybody think of this before!! Looking forward to it.


Feb 28 2011

Very excited for this, there’s something fresh and original about everything I’ve seen so far on the website that makes me trust you guys to make a good game.  Roll on 2011!


Feb 28 2011

You’ve made my day sir. I will anticipate this game with utmost exuberance.

Kent Quirk

Feb 28 2011

*sniff* My little boys are all growed up.  I’m so proud.

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