PAX Survival Masters

John and Daniel were determined to defeat all six waves of robots in our extremely difficult Survival mode at PAX East. After numerous attempts, they showed those robots who’s boss. They were the ONLY people all weekend to conquer it, so we of course hooked them up with tshirts and rained buttons on them.

Beside them is Jimmy and Katie, sporting some of the equip-able items from the game. Beer helmets give your character more health packs, fairy wings make you jump higher, and the viking helmet lets you pummel the robots with your fists that much harder.

We’ll post more pictures from PAX soon, but I couldn’t wait to celebrate John and Daniel’s victory.

PAX Survival Masters

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Mar 14 2011

Thanks, guys!  Your game was so much fun and we can’t wait to play the finished product!

Your biggest fans,
John and Dan


Mar 14 2011

Congrats guys!

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