Post PAX Wrapup

We got a lot of great reception at PAX and GDC, and had a ton of fun in the process. Here’s the buzz from what the interwebs had to say about Shoot Many Robots…

Previews and Interviews

Giant Bomb
Interview, where Josh lets slip some pro-tips for suiting up your character. Shoot Many Robots coverage starts around 9:20, but the Trenched and Warp interviews are neat too.

Cheat Code Central
“I couldn’t help but laugh from pure enjoyment as we delighted in a symphony of mayhem and robot destruction.”

“...the game’s developers show a ton of heart going into the project. Also, tutus.”

“Shake me through the hole!” interview with Josh gets touchy.

G4 - Hands-On Preview
“...nothing says ‘awesome’ more than four friends destroying four bajillion robots, fighting over kills to earn nuts.”

G4 - PAX Interview
“I’m not one for unquestioning endorsements (ok, I am), but I unquestioningly endorse Shoot Many Robots.”

Shogun Gamer
“One of the most fun booths at all of PAX East”

Game Informer
“...watching the robots clamor over each other like ants only to be met with a well-placed missile was extremely satisfying.”


The Bitbag
We won two awards in their Best of PAX East 2011! Best Platform Game, Best Indie Game

Top 5 Games of PAX East 2011

Geek Mom
Can’t win ‘em all: “Shoot Many Robots wins my ‘Worst Game at PAX East 2011’ award for having no redeeming qualities.”
But at least this mom liked our game!

There were a ton more videos, articles, and podcasts. Thanks to everyone who got a chance to play the game and took the time to spread the word! The team here is super pumped after seeing the public’s reactions, and we can’t wait to get the final game in your hands!

[photo cred: Shogun Gamer]

Post PAX Wrapup

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