PAX East

Demiurge was at PAX East showing off Shoot Many Robots, giving the public its first chance to play the game! We had tons of people playing Shoot Many Robots, and had a bunch of activities at our booth.

Playable Demos
You could hop in a 4-player adventure and battle through one of the missions of the game, eventually facing off against the gigantic Fatboy boss. You could also play Survival mode at PAX - the first time we had ever shown the mode to anyone! Survival mode consists of six waves of increasingly difficult hordes of robots. It was pretty brutal - only ONE team of two guys, John and Dan, were able to defeat all six waves. We hooked them up with the “Shoot.” shirts and some swag buttons.

We even got Cliff Bleszinski to check out the game, which he dubbed “Borderslug” after its similarities to Borderlands and Metal Slug.

At the end of each mission, your team is awarded 1-5 stars based on their performance. We handed out different buttons based on how many stars you got, and many people came back to play more to try and get better scores. We also handed out t-shirts to the teams that killed the 6,000th and 12,000th robots each day. We ended up killing on average 15,000 robots per day, and 47,861 across all of PAX. That’s a lot of robot carnage.

We had a station where you could draw robots alongside one of our artists, who were also drawing characters and robots from the game. Shoot Many Robots has a contest where you can submit your robot design for a chance for it to appear in-game in our first expansion pack. We got TONS of submissions this weekend, which we’ll be posting to the forums soon.

Photo Opps
We had two standees with holes for your face so you could pose as Shoot Many Robots’ drunken main character, P. Walter Tugnut. Also, all Demiurgers manning the booth (aka Booth Babes) were wearing items you can equip in game, such as pink tutus, viking helmets, fairy wings, and tool belts. We happily posed with many PAX fans.

Watch out, PAX Prime - PAX East in Boston just surpassed your attendance numbers, reaching almost 70,000! We had an absolute blast showing off our game to the masses, as well as the press. Thanks to all who stopped by!

PAX East

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